Magda Woods


Talk abstract: Robots everywhere. The role of data science and automation in the creative industry. If you really want to make your data science team shine in the organisation (especially one full of creative people like journalists), you really have to focus on deploying data and data science skills to tasks none of your colleagues want to do. In this presentation I will go into details on what it took to build machines that automate or assist people in doing their jobs. I will also discuss the reasons why technological progress with language models, like GPT-3 have not yet scaled into the newsrooms and why it pays off to focus on projects like Carmen (

Bio: Magda is a co-founder and chief data scientist at AI-first start-up Waive, she is a former Managing Director for Data at GlobalData Media plc. Previously managed multi-million investments in AI technologies in large scale newsrooms at BBC, The Telegraph, Channel 4 and the New Statesman. She represents the data science industry in public debate about diversity and is acting as an ambassador for women in data, after being listed as Top 20 Women in Data in 2018. 

Saturday November 27th , 2021
9:00 am-
5:00 pm
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