Gueorgui Mihaylov

GSK Consumer Healthcare

Talk abstract: AI and complex industrial systems – a strategic view. GSK Consumer Healthcare have ambitious sustainability goals to transform our supply chain, driving efficiency and resilience during an unprecedented time of challenge for global supply chains. AI for optimisation and orchestration of complex industrial systems are among the most impactful, strategic applications of AI in Industry. Complex industrial systems are not just characterised by high number of degrees of freedom and non-trivial operational constraints. Relevant characteristics of these systems, such as overall efficiency and resilience, are modelled as collective or emergent phenomena. We will be discussing why the dynamically evolving field of research in complexity, optimisation and optimal management is critical in meeting strategic goals. We will illustrate the importance of these concepts with some real-world supply chain examples.

Bio: Gueorgui is a Principal Data Scientist at GSK Consumer Healthcare and a Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Mathematics of King’s College London, fellow and Chartered Mathematician of the Institute of Mathematics and it’s Applications, fellow of the Italian Institute of Advanced Mathematics. He had a series of research and teaching positions at the Polytechnic University Milan and the Polytechnic University Turin, visiting Professor of Applied Mathematics at the Silesian University of Technology, Principal Data Scientist at Royal Mail. Gueorgui has developed original and impactful applications of Data Science, advanced mathematical modelling, ML and AI in different industrial contexts (smart manufacturing, smart maintenance, optimisation of industrial processes, quality control, fraud detection etc). Author of a series of research publications in pure and applied mathematics, statistics and data science. Main focus of his current work is modelling and AI-driven optimisation of complex industrial systems. Invited speaker to a series of international congresses on pure and applied mathematics, data science and engineering, London Mathematical Society, PHM Society etc. He has an MSc in Theoretical Physics and PhD in Mathematics from the University of Milan.

Saturday November 27th , 2021
9:00 am-
5:00 pm
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